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These permits will make you eligible to carry concealed in up to 32 states.

Oregon, Virginia (resident and non-resident) and Iowa.

About the Instructor

Since childhood, I have understood the importance of our Second Amendment rights. My great-grandfather, Michael Mullen, was one of more than 1.8 million Irish to leave their homeland during the Great Potato Famine and come to America;  At least one half of those people died either from starvation or murder while still in Ireland or ships sinking that were carrying 'the lucky ones' off the island.  Instructor Margy

While the Irish were forbidden to own weapons during English rule, my great-grandfather quickly exercised his American Constitutional rights and purchased a gun to protect his family and his property in his new homeland.

They were some of the first great Americans who came here for freedom and rights like the First and Second Amendment.

They were so honored to live in this country where they were allowed to defend themselves because the English refused to let the Irish have guns.

One of the first things my great-grandfather did when he got here was he saved up his money and bought what was one of the first Colt revolvers ever made (a 1860 Colt .44 Revolver, cap & ball, Civil war era gun, it's the picture above on my website).

I have been an NRA Certified Instructor since May of 1989 and I teach the Oregon, Utah and Arizona concealed weapons classes.  I also have an on-line concealed weapons class which I think it fabulous and something I've been saying I want to do ever since I became an NRA Instructor.  Well the internet was not around in 1989 but I always wanted to find a way reach our entire nation and teach people how to shoot and not only that but to help people to understand to the depths of their souls the enormity of the importance of our Second Amendment in that it protects our entire Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  So a few years ago Oregon made it legal to teach via the internet for on line CCW classes so I did it!!   There's a link on this page for  that is for our on line concealed weapons page that will tell you all about us :-)

Now back to our local classes;

Gun owners who travel and want to ensure their personal protection can keep their weapons handy and stay legal. The three-state certification (Oregon, Utah and Arizona) is really cool and very popular with gun owners who learn they can carry permits for multiple states.

Oregon only recognizes Oregon’s permit but Utah gives you 35 states, Arizona gives you 35 states (and of course some of those over-lap); But with the Oregon, Utah and Arizona permits combined you will be able to carry concealed in 39 States!! 

Pamela Gobert, one of my students, said she took my class to ensure she could keep her gun nearby at all times and will consider her Utah certification; “When I used to live in California, I actually got carjacked and there was no way to protect myself,” Pamela said. “There are so many hoops involved in getting a concealed weapons permit down there so when I came to Oregon I found that I had the opportunity to get a concealed weapons permit and I felt like it was a really important thing to do."

My family, for generations, has been really big on the Second Amendment and gun safety. One of my prized possessions is my great-grandfather’s Colt .44. This reminds me that I was raised to respect and utilize my Second Amendment rights and to teach others to do the same.

It’s our Second Amendment. It wasn’t put there by accident. When we talk about The Right to Bear Arms, we’re not talking about duck hunting, we’re talking about personal protection.

I want carrying a gun to be a normal thing, like someone carrying a purse or a briefcase. It shouldn’t be a big deal and when people are responsible, it isn’t.

Margy Mullen